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exporting my entire blog and comments.

  1. I want to migrate my blog from wordpress. I followed the FAQ instructions on exporting my entire blog and comments. WordPress generated an XML file which was only 390 KB. Is there something else I need to do to get my entire blog and comments on a file? Any ideas?

  2. Should be everything in that file. I know my export file in under 2 megs with nearly 700 posts.

  3. Thanks Dr. Mike!

  4. I followed the FAQ too, and exported to an XML file which I uploaded with the RSS-import option at

    However, the file just contained the text - not the comments. Nor did it include any category data, as one can see.

  5. Yes, I got the same problem. I migrated my blog to Yahoo webhost, which supports wordpress. However, when I imported the .xml file. The category structure was disordered and there is no any comments at all. I could only see my blogs. All my pages disappeared...and I found them under blog category... Don't know why...

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