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Exporting my posts and sidebar et al to Yahoo! hosting from WP hosting

  1. I can get 50 of my most recent posts in an rss file from my feeddigest feed, but there must be some way of exporting all of my posts. But I'm not seeing how.

    Also, how do I export the sidebar, or must I recreate it?

  2. You can't export the sidebar or any aspect of the theme.
    (You also cannot export comments)

    Looking at your blog .... did you delete all the posts?

  3. Nope, they are still on wordpress's site. I'm trying to figure out how to get them onto my yahoo! hosted site, and I'm told by the importer that the WP hosted feed is empty. I have a feeddigest feed that caches the last 50 postings, but there has to be a way to get the older posts transfered... I think.

    I'll re-create the sidebar, it's not terminal. Thanks for the heads up.

  4. If you set your feed to show 99 posts, then make 1 post, then try the importer it should work. If not, send in a feedback and we can check your feed.

  5. leighm - where is your blog here? Posting to the .org and .com forums together will just get confusing. I'll help in either - you choose :)

  6. On WP's site it's I'll keep the posts on this forum.

    I'll try the rss feeds settings and a blank post.


  7. Podz, feedback is on the way.

    Set the rss feed for 999, importer still shows empty feed, but feedemon got all 203 posts.

  8. Your best bet is to just wait for our export feature, which is planned for the next month or so. That will allow you to get all of your posts and comments out without all this trouble.

  9. twiddle thumbs....

    I'll work on recreating the sidebar and adding an iframe to the header in the meantime.

  10. Matt,
    Any word on "export feature"?

  11. Yes, a couple of days ago.

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