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exporting my wordpress blog to my website

  1. are you able to feed your own blog comments onto your website?

    at the moment i have a link from my web page to my wordpress blog - however i would like to post the blog headings and a little info about each onto my website-

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Check out this. It describes how you can export the whole blog in a self hosted site or another blog.

    If you want only to synchronize the comments, and the contents then i don't know. But if i was you then i would map the domain name to the existing blog, this way all gets centralised.
    Check out :

  3. oh jeepers this is getting scary...... went to

    what does the follwoing mean Note that you cannot map the “www” subdomain because removes the “www” from all URLs.

  4. also just to blogging on wordpress and then mapping to my domain ....a goodway to increase visits to my site....assuming of course that people are interested in my blogs....or is it ok just to keep the two seperate?

  5. keeping it in one site is good for you cause the traffic will be concentrated in one place, and updating a certain content wont need to be changed in multiple places.

  6. mmm ok will do then ....but what does the following mean 'Note that you cannot map the “www” subdomain because removes the “www” from all URLs.'

  7. I suggest mapping to That way the "Design Blog" in your menu bar can link directly to your blog on

  8. i am with fasthosts and my account does not support adding another CNAME...and it does not sound easy to to upgrade..... they said the other options was to forward my entire site to wordpress .....i do not want to do that as i do not wordpress in my webpage name.

    I have added a subdirctory titled '' but will that work? as the isntructions are telling me I need another CNAME

  9. If you cannot add a CNAME with your current registrar I do suggest switching registrar as that would give you fuller management of your domain.

    That said, you can leave it as is if you are OK with having your blog at
    Presumably you can add the RSS feed from your blog to your main website, and thus letting people know what is going on on your blog.

  10. ok so how do i add an rss feed from my blog to the website?

  11. Well, the URL for your feed is but how to add this to your main blog depends on your publishing system. Since it is not WordPress I really have no idea how.

  12. ok...thank you very much....

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