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exporting posterous to wordpress - error this is not an XML file

  1. exporting posterous to wordpress - error this is not an XML file

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Take a look at this page: for more information about importing from Posterous.

    When you export from Posterous, you will download a zip file, the file within that that you need is the xxxxx_export.xml file. If you can't find that, try exporting again, and if that doesn't work, let us know.

  3. that is exactly what i did, but it doesnt work

  4. are you from wordpress? can i email you the zip file and the blog

  5. No I'm not from WordPress, but this thread will be tagged for Staff attention, and they should be able to help you out. Please ensure you are subscribed to this thread, to be notified of any replies.

  6. thanks

  7. Hi there - I've used your last export file to run the import, and your content is appearing here:

    The image paths are still pointing to Posterous, so I'll have this looked at by our developers soon, so your images get imported into your Media Library and the image paths pointing to your site.

    If you spot any issues other than with the images, please let me know. I'll keep you posted here.

  8. Hi - all images have been imported. Let us know if there's anything else we can help you with!

  9. Hi I'm having the same problem, as are all my students who have been using Posterous to present their assignment work now have to move to WordPress. On attempting to do so all students are being met with 'error this is not an XML file'. Is there a standard way to fix this problem?

  10. Staff will assist and this thread has been tagged for their attention, please subscribe to be notified of any response.

    Try a different browser in the meantime,

  11. @josephhibbert - please have your students follow the instructions given here:

    This error typically occurs when people try to upload the .zip file from Posterous, rather than extracting and uploading the .xml file within that .zip file.

    If you still have trouble, could you please start a new thread to describe your issue in detail, and add the word modlook in the Tags section in the right column so Staff will respond.

    Thank you!

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