Exporting Templates to a GoDaddy.com WordPress site

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    Recently, I worked on creating a WordPress.com page for a church (http://2presrichmond.wordpress.com). The church decided they wanted to go with GoDaddy.com’s WordPress hosting package. The idea was to import what I have currently at the WordPress.com site to -http://www.2presrichmond.org- .

    Here’s the problem: the themes didn’t import. GoDaddy’s version uses the full WordPress package, which means the wp-admin area allows you to change everything. It also – I found out, as I’m new to this – that I have to create or edit an entire range of Templates as well as the CSS (i.e.: not as easy as in WordPress.com). The whole site looks like a mess. The person who imported it also didn’t import the most recent content, so we need to import again. I tried changing the CSS on the GoDaddy.com WordPress site to the CSS file in the “Edit CSS” window of the WordPress.com site — and it totally messed up everything up because I didn’t understand that Templates and PHP content were involved, too.

    So how to fix this? Is there a way to export from WordPress.com the index.php, header.php, footer.php and all other templates along with the CSS file? Is it that easy, or do I have to resort to manually converting every page in the GoDaddy site?


    The blog I need help with is 2presrichmond.wordpress.com.



    You don’t have to just export the CSS, go into tools > Export. Do that, and on your GoDaddy site, go to Tools > Import. It will imoport everything, including the CSS, etc.

    If you used a theme on WordPress.com and want it again, then you have to Google around for that theme download.


    CSS is NOT imported or exported with the blog stuff, and the themes here are modified from the original version so they cannot be used directly on a self-hosted blog, even if you could export them.

    What you will have to do is to search the internet for the theme name that you were using here to see if there is a self-hosted version available and then install that theme. Whether the CSS here will work – or partially work – with that theme is not known. The CSS for the themes here are modified from the original versions.

    You might have to start from scratch.



    So – and check me if I get this wrong – we need to re-export/import our WordPress.com content into the GoDaddy self-hosted WordPress site, then search around for the Emire Style Template on Google, and import that separately.


    Yes, export everything from here again and reimport it. It will not duplicate content, it will only import what is new/different.

    Here is a link to the Emire theme, http://ifelse.co.uk/emire , but it has NOT been updated since 2006, which means you will really have your work cut out for you, and you will likely have to hack the theme php files as well to accommodate all the changes that have been made in wordpress since that them was last updated. Emire is going to be missing boat loads of features.

    If you are not REALLY good with PHP script, and well versed in all the security issues and wordpress requirements, I would suggest you find a different (current) theme and modify the CSS for it s that it looks similar to what you had on the site here.

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