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Exporting to Facebook Page

  1. lewislafontaine

    Is it possible to Export my WordPress Blogs posts to my Facebook Page?

    If so, how do I do this?

    Thank you.

    The blog I need help with is

  2. lewislafontaine

    That is great but where to I find this new feature on WordPress which will allow me to export my posts to my Facebook page?

    Thank you

  3. @kothea
    Please stop posting off-topic and/or junk answers into support threads. If you do not have an exact answer and a spource for that answer that you can link to, then do not post into support forum threads at all. Instead go and chat in the Off-Topic Forum. Thanks, in advance, for undestanding that those who post for help need correct answers. Your answers are not useful and in fact are annoying.

  4. @lewislafontaine
    You can set up Publicize for Facebook. The guide to follow is found here >
    Here's another link to instruction for full Facebook integration information >

  5. lewislafontaine

    Thank you TimeThief.

  6. @lewislafontaine
    You're welcome and if you need more help post again.

  7. @kothea

    I removed your answer so there is no confusion for future thread readers...
    Also please refer to TimeThief's reply to you if you havent done so yet Thanks!


    I went ahead and marked this thread resolved so the forum volunteers know this thread isn't still in need of a helpful answer If the issue is not resolved for you please feel free to mark it unresolved by navigating to the right side of this thread where you will see a drop down menu pertaining to resolved/unresolved...

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