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exporting to new blog (help)

  1. Help, please. I'm moving to a new server from Like the FAQ said, I went to manage then export and downloaded a 390k file containing my seven or eight posts. That I imported into my new blog, however only half of the posts imported! Where are the remainder???

    Also, how do I edit the CSS like I did on Is there a plugin required for that?

    Thanks for any help.


  2. If you have downloaded software from then you can ask questions about editing css in their forum at this link

    As for why you didn't get all the posts when you exported the blog I assume that this was due to caching. In any event we cannot help you with this only staff can

  3. Actually if it's 390k in size, chances are you didn't empty out the Akismet spam queue ahead of time. If you don't do that first, WordPress will assume that you still want to verify the caught comments and will include your spam. There's no cache involved and no need to contact support.

    Clear out your Akismet queue, export the file out again, and try reimporting it. The posts that already imported shoudln't be reimported. The import does check for dupes.

    You may also have to clear your youir Akismet cache on your new site as well.

    Hope this helps,

  4. You may be on to something, drmike, however, I did clear out akismet, but it still says "Akismet Spam (3)." In any case, I still can't import. Now when I try an import none of the posts or anything gets imported....


  5. If you feel comfortable with it, can you put it into a zip and email to theapparatus at gmail please. I'll only be here until about 9:15 us eastern time though.

  6. That's very nice of you, Mike, but I just put up the posts one by one. (Ugh.)

    My only other question is this-- how do I get that "edit css" tab to show up under presentation on my own site as I did on I wouldn't mind editing the CSS in the theme editor. It's just that some of my CSS doesn't take when I moved over from wp. There's not some kind of widget is there???

    If you're too busy that's fine. Your help is appreciated.


  7. Actually you edit the css file directly. You're going to have to ask your new host that as each one runs different software. Once you find out, you'll find the file in the wp-content/themes/{whatever the name of your theme is}/ directory

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