Exporting to WP.ORG – XML File Exceeds 2 MB!

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    Hey, I am trying to export my wordpress.com blog to my own server. My problem is that the xml file can’t exceed 2MB in order to export. Mine is almost 5MB

    How can I transfer all my posts?!

    Any help would be wonderful


    have you tried deleting your spam queue? (Commets > Akismet Spam)

    any spam in the queue is included in the export file.


    no, I haven’t. thanks. But i don’t think deleting my spam queue would be enough



    If you still have a large export file, you need to change your server’s php.ini file to have the max_file_upload to a number like 8 megs. That is the only way to do it and you need to either ask your host or search for help over in the http://wordpress.org/support/ forums as this topic would now be in that area for help!

    Answers here would not help the other users on wordpress.com as it might be confusing! There are plenty of topics over in the wordpress.org forums that can help you along, but if you can’t access the file yourself, your host will most likely need to do it for you!

    Good luck!



    you would be _shocked_ at the amount that your spam queue bloats your export file. it’s usually on the order of 500%.



    Even without spam my last export (the one that actually exported without blowing an error — 5 days ago) was almost 6 MB.

    However, it’s malformed and won’t import to my new server. So it’s a moot point.

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