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Exporting: what do you lose?

  1. I notice in the small print of the xml file the following:

    "This file is not intended to serve as a complete backup of your blog."

    What is omitted from the xml file?

  2. Well, if you're exporting a blog to anything other than another blog, you lose all your embedded videos and audio, because the format we use here is customized. If you delete the blog, you lose all images and files hosted here; if you set it to private, those files and images become unavailable.

  3. Thanks raincoaster.

    From what you said I understand that the xml file contains links to my videos, images and audio.

    If I were to make a copy of my blog and I had it hosted on then those links would continue to work on both blogs.

    (I ask this because I'm considering breaking my current blog into two blogs.)

  4. It contains links, but how are those links formatted? All of my YouTube videos, for instance, are posted with the [youtube=URL] format, which does not work on any kind of site except, including You can go into those posts and find the URL of the video, then go to YouTube and grab the EMBED code, which is what you will need to use on any other blog platform.

    You are absolutely right that if you move from one blog to another, everything should work fine because the formatting is identical. Be aware, though, that setting one blog private or deleting it will make all of those files uploaded through that blog unavailable. Files hosted at third party sites like Flickr or YouTube, of course, remain available.

  5. Thanks again, raincoaster.

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