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    I’m currently trying to backup my whole blog on wordpress.com. I tried using Export tool to backup an XML file, however, are the statistics of my blog are backed up as well. If not, how can I backup the stats of the blog I have right now? Thanks.

    The blog I need help with is perfectionistgal.wordpress.com.


    No, stats are not part of your blog as such, and there really isn’t anyway to back them up or download them. You could try going to the summary table (button at bottom left of your stats page) and copying them out and pasting them into a spreadsheet, but that isn’t likely to work too well.


    So…where can I paste the stats into the spreadsheet? And..why it isn’t possible to work it well?

    I have another question: If my current blog got deleted, will the information sources still work from the XML files I’ve downloaded from Export when I import it in the future?

    Please help, is there another possible way to get stats from this blog to another blog?

    Thanks, your kind help will be greatly appreciated!


    Tables in web pages are formatted differently than spreadsheets, and typically there is at the very least a lot of clean up and formatting work to do.

    There really isn’t any way to transfer stats although some outside stats services such as activemeter, statcounter and sitemeter allow you to enter a starting number if you use their service.

    The XML file can be imported into a wordpress.ORG blog (self-hosted) and there are other blogging platforms that can import them as well, but I don’t know which ones. I think blogger has something.

    If you have any concerns about your blog getting suspended or deleted, then I would suggest you export every couple days or so (if you make posts often). Better to do that than have to recreate a bunch of posts.


    One other thing to remember is that the XML export file does not include any images you have uploaded to your blog here, so you will have to copy those out manually one by one if you do not have copies on your computer.


    Thanks, I guess the stats counter helps. So how can I backup the whole image library to my computer? But I have all the images stored on my pc, though I do not want to upload it post by post when I have another back up blog.

    After downloading the XML export file, will it automatically arrange the images as it is stored on my pc. Am I right, I am slightly confused..

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