Exporting WPcom-hosted blog onto own if over 2mb

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    I am attempting to export my WPcom-hosted blog (ablestmage) to my own self-install. The maximum allowable filesize for imported XML files is 2mb, but the exported file from WPcom is over that. How can I work around this?</b> Could I import only a section of it at a time to break it up? All posts are by one person. Let this be the definitive answer for everyone searching for this question to be answered. Please don’t answer yes/no without explaining how.

    Could I possibly change/edit the php.ini file to permit a larger install size? If so, where is it? I hunted through my install’s subdirectories and can’t locate it.

    The blog I need help with is ablestmage.wordpress.com.



    darn close-strong tag =P


    You need to inquire over at http://wordpress.ORG/support/ where they support the self-hosted wordpress software, and better yet, do a search over there in their forums as that particlular problem has been dealt with many times over there.

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