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    Hello, I’m trying to move domain hosting from WordPress.com to GoDaddy.

    I’ve obtained godaddy hosting and have installed the WordPress application…that’s all fine. Now I’m trying to find steps to complete a backup and import the database (wordpress blog) into godaddy.

    The “backup a database” process listed here in WordPress isn’t very specific when it comes to using the phpmyAdmin software… it’s very vague!

    Backup Process with phpMyAdmin

    1. Log into phpMyAdmin on your server (WHERE DO I FIND THIS AREA?)

    Also, here are the installation instructions for WP-phpMyAdmin:

    1. Download, unzip and upload to your WordPress plugins directory
    2. activate the plugin within you WordPress Administration Backend
    3. go to Manage > phpMyAdmin

    How do you “upload into a plugin directory”?????

    These directions aren’t very helpful at all! Please provide some guidance (step by step) on how to backup and transfer to a GoDaddy hosted domain? You offer GoDaddy domain hosting as a service via your operation here… how come the directions aren’t clear. Thank you for your assistance.

    The blog I need help with is kingdomengineers.wordpress.com.


    The process you have outlined won’t work for moving from .COM to a .ORG blog. You have to get the wordpress software installed at godaddy (they should have a one-button install option there that will create the database and install the basic wordpress software for you). You then have to export your stuff from here and import it into the new blog. See this support document: http://en.support.wordpress.com/moving-a-blog/#moving-to-wordpress-org .



    You can export the contents out of your wordpress.COM blog and then import tham into your new wordpress.ORG install. Here are the instructions http://en.support.wordpress.com/moving-a-blog/


    WordPress.COM has no connection with godaddy at all, nor does wordpress.ORG (where the software you will be using comes from). They simply list godaddy as a suggested host for a wordpress blog, that is all.



    Thank you all for your quick response… I have found the export feature, but realize that the theme isn’t included. How do you export the theme as well? I love the theme that I currently have!

    I thought there was a backup process and a restore process that would essentially bring over the themes as well? And what about picture links? Won’t those be disconnected with this process? I’ve got a couple of years worth of data out there to be moved? Thx again!


    Themes here are modified and will not work properly with the wordpress.ORG software. You will have to download and install the .ORG equivalent, which is a little different from the theme here: http://wptheme4free.com/digg-3-column-free-premium-wordpress-themes/ .

    Images are not included in the export file, but when you go to import things into the .ORG blog, you will be given the opportunity to have it retrieve your images from .COM. Go slowly and watch for the button to click to have it import fetch the images.


    If all goes well, and you click the button to have it fetch the images, everything should be fine and you should not have to edit any image links or anything else.



    Great… thx for all of your assistance. God Bless!


    One thing I’ll note on the .ORG version of Digg 3 is that it has not been updated in over a year, which means that there is a possibility there could be some issues with compatibility with the latest version of the wordpress.ORG software. It may mean that you will have to do some editing of the theme files (php script) and possibly have to edit and add to the CSS to get it to work cleanly.


    thanks all…good stuff. I need to do exactly as Elvis…I think. I wanted to add Plugins
    related to tweeter and was told that no tweet plugins were available at a wordpress hosted blog. Godaddy said that they allowed plugins….so I signed up. Is this correct?



    Technically, yes. Review the sticky thread on the different types of WordPress. Any independent WP host, not just GoDaddy, will allow plugins.



    As raincoaster has pointed out, there are many web hosts out there aside from go-daddy, and the vast majority meet the WordPress minimum requirements. The requirements are found here http://wordpress.org/about/requirements/ and this is the page where recommended hosts for wordpress.ORG installs are summarized http://wordpress.ORG/hosting/



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    I too have been using the theme: digg-3 . And I am trying out the possibility of exporting my blog to an independent web host (since here the use of PayPal buttons doesn’t seem to be allowed)

    I have three issues I was wondering if someone could help me with:

    1. When on WordPress.com — for every page I created — a tab was automatically made above my header. This has not been the case on the new web host. Is this to be expected? What should I do?

    2. Here I had a custom header. How do I do this on the new web host? Do I do this in the CSS?

    3. The page I put the most work into transfered empty. Do I have to rebuild it all over again?


    1. It depends on the theme you are using. If you are using the self-hosted digg 3 theme, it should work very similar to the theme here as far as pages go.

    2. If there isn’t a custom header option, or digg 3 options under “appearances” in your new dashboard, then yes you will have to do it through the CSS.

    3. Since you have not given us a link to your new blog, or let us know what page isn’t showing up we cannot say.



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