Expound CSS changes, is this possible?

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    I started just another blog and I like the expound theme but didn´t rent the design uprade yet, but I do think about it.

    There are some things I would like to change on the expound theme.

    1. I am not a big fan of the responsive design. I would rather like it to be a fixed layout like the twenty ten theme. (including: images and other media should always fit in the post area even if I uploaded too big images… that´s what I loved on the twenty ten theme)

    2. While the expound theme has already a minimalist header, I would like to go further and minimize the header height even more. As I love minimalist design.

    3. I would like to find and try a decent solution for the home view… the featured posts and images are great but I don´t like it that the featured area is on top of the widget bar. I would like it if the widget area is always under the menu bar and not pulled down by the featured posts when you view the “home”, “tag” or “category” side.

    4. Is it possible to add stuff like a search bar, twitter or facebook symbols to the main menu bar under the header? I do not plan to do this but it would be great if the possibility is there in case I want to do so.

    5. Talking about these changes, would it mess the mobile view?

    Not CSS related questions…

    6. I loved the editor style with the twenty ten theme and I was looking for a theme with the theme search on wordpress, to find a theme with exactly the same feature. Expound was showing up but when I activated it, I noticed it does not have editor style. Do I have to activate it anywhere of why did it show up in the theme search?

    The blog I need help with is techfeeling.com.


    @diaryofdennis, turning a modern responsive width theme into a fixed width theme is quite a lot of work generally. Yes, it would affect the mobile view and what people would see is a very miniaturized version of what you would see on your desktop system, which would be really, unusable on a mobile device, such as a phone. You would then have to activate the mini-eleven mobile theme at Appearance > Mobile for those users, and that strips out all of the styling of the original theme and presents a very minimal view of your content. You can activate the mobile theme to see what things would look like.

    Given the extent of the changes you wish to make, you may want to contact Tweaky, a WordPress.com Customization service, that we have partnered with to see how much it would cost to make the changes you wish to make.

    On Editor Style, I filtered for that on the Theme Showcase and Expound did not come up in the results, and a search on Appearance > Theme for Editor Style did not bring up Expound either. Where were you searching and how and what were you searching for when Expound came up for Editor Style?


    You are right about the theme search, Well, it was early in the morning and I was planing hours on the new project. Maybe I was a little bit too sleepy. Today Expound is not showing up to my search.

    Well, keyfeatures I really would like to see are the following:

    – fixed layout
    – Editor style
    – WordAds (running on my other blog, and would like it on the new one too)
    – custom menu
    – custom header
    – featured images

    I am really happy with twenty ten on my other blog expect that the theme does not show featured images if you browse particular tags or categories. That is a negative point but someone said to me that this would be an html or php procedure and not possible to change.

    Expound has that great magazine style that would really fit to my new technology blog. Expect that it is really hard to work with text floating around images as the theme does not support editor style and also not a fixed post page.

    A mix of the twenty ten and expound features would just be exactly what I am looking for. Expound seems to really fit to my plan with the new blog. I love the design.

    Some new questions come up:

    1. Is WordAds still possible with custom CSS changes? Or will it brake anything?

    2. I run out of money but Tweaky seems to be an interesting service I will look into over the next weeks. Do I have to rent custom design upgrade to let them do changes for me?

    3. Can the people of Tweaky also modify html? Because if so, then choosing twenty ten and let them do some html tweaks, would be my next idea.

    4. A few hours earlier before I created this thread here, I have found another thread with a similar subject, where you suggested to add a css code: https://en.forums.wordpress.com/topic/removing-all-responsiveness-from-my-expound-theme-site?replies=2
    I have tested the code in the CSS demo or preview and it looks like it would do exactly what I want (post content fixed). Or did I understand this wrong? I must say the fixed width is really my biggest wish. I could live with everything else but the fixed width is a must as it would not break any image and text content as the responsive layout can do on different resolutions. Let´s say everythign I want is the fixed width, does the code you posted over there is right for me?

    You would then have to activate the mini-eleven mobile theme at Appearance > Mobile for those users, and that strips out all of the styling of the original theme and presents a very minimal view of your content.

    Tested the mini eleven theme and so far I would say that this is just a minor problem. In fact, I think it does not look too bad as a mobile theme. But to be honest I have not tested the alternative but I will do.


    1. Yes, WordAds still work with CSS changes, but you have to make sure your changes don’t mess them up.

    2. I think Tweaky can work on the changes without you having the Custom Design upgrade, but that would be a question for them. You would have to have the upgrade to apply the changes though.

    3. No although a lot can be done with CSS. WordPress.com is a multi-user environment which means we all share the same base theme files.

    4. Nice sleuthing! I had forgotten I had done that. As you can see, it takes a good bit of code to make the theme fixed. Try the code out, investigate all pages and such and narrow and widen your browser window on all of them to make sure it all stays fixed. If it all works for you, then yes, all you would have to do is to get the Custom Design upgrade and you are on your way.

    Mini Eleven is a very good mobile theme and I like it a lot, and it is mature and has few, if any issues in all browsers.



    In this theme – with the Custom Design site upgrade purchased…how do you change the site title size and color? the site description color and style? the padding between the two? And add a white 2 to 4px border around the header (including between the menu and header)? I was able to mess with the developer tools on my Chrome browser and make these changes but they aren’t permanent. As it stands, you cannot see my site title nor is it large enough – so I have it hidden. I would like it to be at least 50px and #ffffff (white). Then, i would like the description to be italicized and white as well with a bit of space between it and the title. I am a CSS n00b and so i’m not sure where and how i make these changes. I see the CSS option under Customize but the stylesheets are not there and thus I can’t just go change bits of code to fix it for my needs – that i’m fairly competent at. Redoing a lot of code – yeah..no. Especially since i’m not sure where to even go to do this. Help me please! – a print designer in a web world



    oh and sorry – this is on my http://www.libertytn.wordpress.com blog


    Hi there, and I see by looking at http://www.libertytn.wordpress.com/ that you have purchased the Custom Design upgrade and I see you have made adjustments to the site title and description.

    …add a white 2 to 4px border around the header (including between the menu and header)

    .site-header .site-branding {
        border: 4px solid #FFFFFF;

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