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Expound theme - Customize section

  1. Hi, everyone.
    I'm getting trouble with the Expound Theme. I'm trying to customize my page, but seems it doesn't save the changes I've made.
    Is there any code or something I can control this?!

    I keep customizing and nothing happens. Please help.

    The blog I need help with is

  2. sells custom design upgrades. They allow us to "preview" change that do not actually display on the blog unless we purchase the upgrade.

    If you have not purchased the custom design upgrade note that no changes you try out aside from those such as Custom Background, Custom Header, etc. which are stated on the theme description pages in the features column (right hand side) will be visible to visitors.

    You do not need to load the design tools unless you have the Custom Design upgrade. All of these functions can be accessed from your dashboard - without loading the custom design tools - no upgrade required.
    Appearance > Header
    Appearance > Background
    Appearance > Theme Options (applicable only to some themes)
    Settings > Reading (set a static front page)
    Site Title and Tagline > Settings > General

    If you are using the preview mode for the Custom Design upgrade some of the settings in that mode will save but they won't show up on the front end unless you purchase the upgrade.

    To go back to the free options, go to Appearance → Themes → Customize → Colors and click the "exit the preview" link in yellow at the top of the panel on the right.

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  3. Just for info, the colors i chose were red and white for background. And the font was Fertigo Pro Script...

  4. You cannot implement those changes so they appear on the blog without purchasing an annually renewable custom design upgrade and doing the required CSS editing.

  5. Thank you so much!!
    It did work!!!!!

  6. Yes it will work in the preview mode. But no it will not display on the blog unless you purchase the upgrade keep renewing it every year.

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