Expound theme – does it only do thumbnail images?

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    I have just changed my blog to this theme, and I love the way the front page looks. I have tried to insert full-sized photos onto the blog entries though, and the embedded code only allows them to go in as thumbnails. I have trawled the forums, and looked at the live demo and various sites that use it, and despite there being a large image on the Expound live demo theme page, I simply can’t get anything bigger than a thumbnail on mine. When I look at the advanced coding in the pictures, it has thumbnail embedded in it, and removing the coding doesn’t change anything. The featured front page images work fine, but all the other images I have on blog entries are from when I had the now discontinued Fresh & Clean theme.
    I have read these forums
    Adding images to main page under header By kpendray on Sep 8, 2013, 8:18 PM
    and their replies but it still doesn’t answer my question.

    The blog I need help with is london-letter.com.


    I have now found a way round this, by deleting all the code within the image. It uploads with a size restriction and I’m not sure why – there is a w150 embedded in the jpg link to my media. If I delete that and everywhere else it comes up, I have found the image inserts as a thumbnail, then I take off the embedded size, end up with a huge image that I can progressively downsize to fit. It’s very hit and miss though, and takes ages. There must be a way of uploading them the size I want them from the start though.
    Please help!

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