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    I’d like to figure out how to remove the space at the top of my blog so that the white container extends to the top. I’d like to remove the latest and bar from above my posts as well but that’s less important. I’d be glad to attach the CSS but I’m not sure what to include since I have altered the original stylesheet and I don’t see a way to copy them together.

    The blog I need help with is spindlephotography.wordpress.com.


    Sorry, I’m on limited wireless internet and I won’t burn 30MB of my bandwidth waiting for your site to load so that I can check it. You have a seriously image heavy site and need to go to settings > reading and decrease the number of posts to show per page to perhaps 1 or 2 maximum.

    After doing that, post back here and let me know and then I will take a look.


    Just a note, I ran your blog through pingdom.com’s page checker and it choked and would not even finish checking the page load time. That is the first time I’ve ever had it choke on a web page.

    One thing to keep in mind is that a good number of people are on slower internet connections (1.5Mbps or slower) and they simply will not wait for 2 or 3 minutes for your site to load. They will just click away.

    Secondly, the search engines consider page loading times when determining search engine ranking, and they are going to heavily discount your search engine ranking because of the very slow loading times, and the overall total size of the page (including the images).

    Since I have not let your page load, I cannot determine if you are optimizing your images for the web, so there might be that issue as well.



    I would definitely recommend following the advice given above. Your site takes forever to load and makes my browser really sluggish and unresponsive which is likely to drive people away. To extend the background and borders upwards try adding the code below after all your existing CSS customisations:

    body {margin:0!important;}
    body #top {background:#fff; border-left: 3px solid #990000; border-right: 3px solid #990000; padding: 0 15px; margin:0 auto;}
    body #top div.main-nav a {color:#666;}

    @luke, thanks for catching this one.

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