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    we maintain Czech translation of WordPress and we would like to extend it also to wordpress.com (there is only about 60 % translated).

    Is it possible to automatically import .po language files from wordpress.org (and also from bbPress)?
    It would be very helpfull to unite some special terms. Much work was done on Czech translation for wordpress.org and in wordpress.com there are very old terms and also wrong translations.
    It would be also very helpfull to have rights to approve (and moderate) new suggestions to unite many terms and make better Czech wordpress.com page.

    Thank you…



    Have you read this announcement?
    A New Translation Platform



    Yes, of course I read. And that is why I wrote to this forum…

    …we now support “validator” profiles on GlotPress, for those users who want to help out in semantic and consistency validation (and not just technical). If you feel this is something you might want to sink your teeth into, please drop us a line in the forums….



    I’m sorry. I apologize for not clicking the forums link in the announcement. I assumed the link was to International Forums https://en.forums.wordpress.com/topic/international-forums?replies=1
    However, no harm has been done Staff will be checking these threads later on.



    Hi, is there any problem with approving my username as validator? I saw that many users in other languages were approved but my topic is unaswered for many days…


    No problem at all. GlotPress launch just swamped us for a while. You’re added and sorry for the delay.



    Thank you, sorry for hurry. I will test it…

    So, I can import files from wordpress.org translation? There is “Import translations” menu in the bottom left corner, what does it really mean? Imported strings will replace older translations? There is also menu “Permission”, but there is message “You are not allowed to do that!”


    Sure, you can import translations which will replace older translations. Think of it as translating and validating in bulk. As far as “Permissions” is concerned, well…er…you’re not allowed to do that :) . We use it to manage validators.

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