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    Hi, I’m trying to pay for another year of domain mapping. Someone else paid for it last year. I tried purchasing an extension for domain mapping but it just brings me to the my upgrades with the notice that it is expiring, showing that it was purchased by someone else. What do I need to do to switch the upgrade to my account so that I can pay it. Thank you for your help. Ron

    The blog I need help with is news.squeak.org.



    Hi there,
    Has that other person used made you an Admin of the blog and used this process to transfer the blog?


    I’m already an administrator on the blog.



    The original Admin who purchased the upgrade has to authorize the upgrade transfer to you.



    As noted above the owner of an Upgrade is the only one that can renew it – on Domain Mapping a couple of options – one straightforward the other not so straightforward

    1) have the owner of the upgrade transfer it to you and you can renew it

    2) wait for the upgrade to expire then you buy it new – the problem with this is that there is a bit of a grace period I think at the end and you can’t buy the upgrade until it expires and you can’t buy a new upgrade if there is an old one – so you would need help from the staff to do the new purchase and clear the old upgrade so you can buy the upgrade – hope #2 was not too confusing

    NOTE TO OTHERS: don’t even think about trying # 2 on the domain name registration – will not work at all

    Sorry – this is a weak point I think on blogs with multiple people running them


    Thanks. I’ll ask him to see if he can figure out how to transfer the domain mapping upgrade.


    We were not able to find a way to transfer the domain mapping purchase from on person to another so that I could pay for it.

    This would be a very good change:

    There are a number of admins to our blog. Any admin should be able to purchase an extension of any purchased feature, replacing the billing information and extending the expiration date.

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