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Extending menu width

  1. I'm using Manifest theme for my blog.

    As I put many (five / six) pages, the list of pages in the menu bar goes on two line, and I don't like this (three pages' titles are on first line, and the others go on a new line).

    So, I attempted to extend the width:

    #site-wrapper, #core-content, #footer {
    width: 750px;

    but the menu bar format remains the same: the page titles are divided on two line. How to adjust this?

    Many thanks to all!

    The blog I need help with is

  2. And... I also would like to swap tagline and menu position (which means putting tagline above the menu)

    Thanks again!

  3. Hi, add the following to widen the menu to 100% of the main width

    #main-nav ul {
        width: 100%;
  4. Many thanks thesacredpath!! You solved my problem ;-)

  5. And what about swapping tagline and menu position?

  6. To move the site description above the navigation, add the following.

    #main-nav {
        margin-top: 80px;
    #site-description {
        position: absolute;
        top: 70px;
        width: 100%;
  7. Great!!

  8. Enjoy and let us know if you have any problems or additional questions.

  9. I'm afraid that questions will never end! :-) ...even if I'm spending a lot of time on my blog.

    Well, again about the width of my pages, I extended it in this way:

    #site-wrapper, #core-content, #footer {
    	width: 700px;

    But unfortunately the pictures' galleries have still the default width (500 px). How can I widen them to 700px too?

    Thank you again!

  10. Make sure and put the new width in the "Content Width" box below the CSS edit area at Appearance > Customize > CSS and save. You will likely have to open your posts or pages that have galleries and delete them and then reinsert them for them to come in at the new width.

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