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Extending purchased wordpress domain name

  1. I want to extend my domain name, which I bought using the wordpress store for a large period of time (say 5 years) how do I do this ?
    Blog url:

  2. You currently can't do more than one year at a time - you used to be able to purchase upgrades for more than one year at a time - the staff has said that they are working on some supper whiz bang system for more than one year upgrades at a time - that has been about a year out for around a year now - I will flag this for the staff and the will tell you "by the time you renew next year" - sorry I am a bit cynical on this - they old system let you do more than one year - but you needed to do the upgrade one year at a time (i.e. you needed to do two upgrades to get two years)

  3. the only option I have is Auto Renew? do I just hit that 5 times to extend it for 5 years?

  4. Auto renew is just what it says - automatically renew 30 days or so before an upgrade expires - for a single year - then wait a year for the button to show up again

  5. We're working on a whole revamp for the store system, which will support bulk renewals, and will be around eventually when we're able to get a break from more critical things.

    I'd say that it will be by the time your upgrade is due for renewal, but I can't make any promises on that.

  6. Auxclass, are you saying if I hit autorenew now it will extend it for a year? or it automatically renews it 30 days before it expires?

  7. If you choose to use auto-renew, the domain will be automatically renewed each year 30 days prior to the expiration date.

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