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    Don’t bite my head off before you’ve read it :)

    Are there any plans to make the source specific to wordpress.com available for outside development, e.g. to assist in writing plugins or fixes specific that surface independently on wordpress.com?

    While I understand as a public service you want to maintain control over the codebase, personally I wouldn’t mind contributing fixes/suggestions to the code where appropriate.

    I realise if I want to modify code I can download wordpress.org – that’s not the issue (I have downloaded it & created plugins). I’m thinking of the specific wordpress.com coding that is not available 2-steps removed.

    If that is a no-go, is demonstrating a fix in the standalone version even *useful* to the team for fixing it here? Or are there any guidelines for creating extensions to work on WP.com?

    I’d just rather code than complain :\



    WordPress MU might be the best place to start. It’s not identical to the setup here, but it’s closer than the standard version, and you would be helping fix multiple services rather than just one :)



    Just for reference, you can also submit bug reports, fixes, and code here.

    I’m assuming that that’s also for MU. :)




    The MU bug tracker is actually here:


    But it’s a little broken right now.

    We’re more than welcome to accopt contributions to the codebase, as wank said getting involved with MU is the best way to get started.

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