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Extension Suggestions:

  1. I saw this elsewhere but can't remember where.

    Simpletags: Easy Technorati tagging.

  2. What about that nice contact form plugin? I dislike putting up my email address.
    I think this is it here:

  3. I actually would love to have both those plugins, together with the Preserve Code Formatting:

  4. A contact form is on my wishlist, too, for It's not always a good deal to either comment for a private message to the blog admin or, as admin, put an email adress somewhere on the blog. A contactform is a missing feature.

    And maybe something like the private notes plugin would be nice, so that user could write to each other without email or so. This could push collaborative publishing.

  5. You can add Technorati tags via a simple bookmarklet when in Firefox or Flock browsers.

  6. was browsing through the forum and came across this ..

    BUMP! Simple Tags and Contact Form Extensions would be awesome...

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