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    In my medias , i have categories and sub-categories. I need an extension I can use to have a list of the URLs of all medias in a category or a sub-category. Actually, to create this list I must click on each picture, copy/paste the link. What takes a very long time when you need a list of 200-300 pictures. Thank you

    Norm B.



    Hi Norm,

    On what site are you working? The only site in your account, https://vodougames.wordpress.com/, is completely empty and hasn’t been updated in over two years, and the WordPress.com media library doesn’t have support for categories at all.

    If you’re using the open source WordPress software at another host, please ask for help at https://wordpress.org/support/forums instead.



    Oh sorry, i think I should update my profile. My website is http://www.vodoudolls.com


    In that case, you’re in the wrong forum. Your site is using the open-source WordPress.org software so I suggest you look for help where @kokkieh pointed you:


    These forums are for WordPress.com hosted sites only. If you want to know more about the differences between WordPress.com and WordPress.org you can read this document:


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