External WP blogs searchable from WP.com?

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    Is there any way to link an externaly hosted wordpress(.org) blog to the search engine on wp.com? I have my personal blog hosted here, but I also have an external one that I would like to be searchable from here, is it possible?


    No, the global tags pages and wordpress.com search is only for blogs hosted here at wordpress.com.



    Found this https://en.forums.wordpress.com/topic.php?id=28225 so I guess that I didn’t search too good before posting,, but how was I to know that it was called a directory? :P..

    Any plans on making it possible? :(


    I very much doubt that it will happen. The search thing has been less than reliable for some time. In many instances, there are no tags assigned to forum threads by the original poster, and no one adds the appropriate tags afterward either.

    You can think of the forum search as semi-useable.

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