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Extra information added to my podcast description (

  1. WordPress is adding extra content to my feedburner XML file. Specifically, at the end of the podcast description (my WordPress post) some extra information is included starting with "<img alt =". No matter what I do I can't make this text disappear and as a result my podcast description in itunes ends with some incoherent code. After scanning online, I can see that a lot of other people have encountered this exact same problem, but I haven't found a post where someone is able to resolve this issue. It seems that WordPress has something working in the background that isn't surfaced for the user, but that feedburner can find.

    Is there anyone to remove this line of code?

    The blog I need help with is

  2. The RSS feed is not clean here, there are some issues with it - but when I raised the issue nothing was done (first image is a 1 px junk image - really messes up some feed readers)

    I flagged this for the staff

  3. What is the actual line of code? Post it here between Code tags so we can analyze it.

  4. Yeah, that 1 pixel junk image is exactly what is causing the problem. Whatever this is, it's something wordpress is adding automatically to the end of each of my posts and it gets funneled directly into feedburner, and then into iTunes.

    [code language="xml"]< <img alt="" border="0" src="" width="1" height="1" />]]> [/code]

  5. I should mention that it's automatically included in the <description>. Also, for whatever reason this only shows up iTunes. When I view my podcast description from within the Podcast App on my phone, the description for the episode reads perfectly.

  6. Looks like the statcounter GIF. I see this is flagged for staff attention so we'll let them handle it.

  7. Last time they told me to have the sites with problems to get a new feed reader and they were not going to do anything to the feed - that was several months ago - so you can tell the WordPress.COM blogs - they are the ones with the ugly blank nothing in it picture - I am sure that costs traffic

  8. Hi there,

    This will indeed happen from time to time, depending on the feed reader (and in this case, the Podcast reader). Most feed readers, if they do not detect images within your post, will try and pull your site's Blavatar or Gravatar and place that as the associated image for your posts, however some do not. If they don't find anything within the post itself will pull the first image they find, which in this case is the statscounter (a 1x1 pixel image which is blown up dozens of times).

    I would recommend first making sure that you have indeed set a blavatar and a gravatar for your site so that there is a backup in case those are attempting to be pulled. After that, I would place an image in each of your posts to make sure that an image of your choosing gets associated with each podcast.

  9. I'm not sure you understand (although maybe I don't, but I've tried everything you've recommended. This doesn't seem to have anything to do with the image for the podcast, but rather that the description tag in the XML file is including an image when I want it to stop at the end of the blog post. WordPress seems to include a small image at the end of every blog post and feedburner can't parse out where the blog post ends and the image information starts. If I do what you said (include an image within the post) feedburner (and then itunes) will just include that photo information within the podcast description as well as the 1 pixel image that's been causing me problems in the first place.

  10. <description><![CDATA[SPOILER ALERT: If you have not seen Hannibal, Game of Thrones, The Amazing Spider-Man 2, Under the Skin, or played Child of Light or the third episode of The Wolf Among Us, and wish not to be spoiled, you may want to skip some sections.  <img alt="" border="0" src="" width="1" height="1" />]]></description>

    That is the exact code within the XML file, and I want this line removed specifically:

     <img alt="" border="0" src="" width="1" height="1" />

  11. I have looked in to this further and consulted with my coworkers, and @auxclass was correct. With the level of customization for feeds which we currently have available, there is no way for us to ensure that the statscounter image won't be included in certain podcast readers if they are being overzealous in how they pull the feeds.

    We have quite a lot of demand for the ability to customize feeds (and I took the liberty of adding this ticket to the list), however we don't have any sort of roadmap for a release date on such a feature.

    I'm sorry for this inconvenience.

  12. Sorry for my cynical - but I did win the dollar that said things would not change

    I don't care about "custom" feed - WordPress.COM seems to expect feed readers to write WordPress.COM exceptions into their code "if gif - 1x1 px throw out junk gif & use second image not 1x1 px"

    Just throw out the junk GIF - it is your GIF and does nothing - so should be simple to junk the worthless tracking GIF - comment out a couple of lines of code -

    I can now tell the WordPress.COM blogs - just look for the junk big white empty picture - really looks amateur hour - and as more bloggers use WordPress.COM blogs - the amateur hour look is spreading -

    and yes I did try and have them change the feed reader to one that has a "WordPress.COM exception" built in - no I was not successful

    I work very very hard to write a good lead and put an image in my Post that illustrates what the Post is about - only to have it thrown out by your developers - I am very sure it costs me traffic from the high traffic site that picks up my feed in their Guest Dock (raw feeds section) -

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