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    I am having a problem with an entry I posted this morning. For some reason, extra line spacing in being inserted and the begining of my post, as well as at the beginning of subsequent paragraphs. I have tried deleting the spacing and updating but to no avail. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks!

    The blog I need help with is quest2bme.wordpress.com.


    Same is happening to me! Does anyone know how to fix this?



    Try editing it in the Code editor.

    Staff are tinkering and for awhile things are going to be glitchy. You might want to try using an offline blog editor like Blogdesk or Windows Live Writer in the meantime.



    Same for me, and very irritating. Was able to fix it in code editor, thanks!



    Can anyone tell me how to use code editor? (Is that the same as CSS?) How would I write the code for that? I’m still just getting my head wrapped around HTML. Thanks.



    @arkell78: Code editor = HTML tab (as opposed to visual) when you are editing a post or a page.


    Yea, when you are creating a post, in the formatting bar (above where you write your text) there is an option to switch between “Visual” and “HTML”.

    The visual heading is default, which is useful for quickly adding formatting such as bold and italics – but it also adds extra spacing.

    So to get rid of this, go to the HTML tab and either write what you have to write here, and then format when finished. Or delete your spacing after writing your post.

    I hope this makes sense… good luck!


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    In the Visual editor, pressing Return makes a double spaced line.
    Shift-Return make a single spaced line.

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