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    I think I have a similar issue that was being discussed here — https://en.forums.wordpress.com/topic/ltpregt-ltpregt-inserts-unwanted-line-breaks?replies=8 — but I can’t figure out how that was resolved.

    Basically, I have been trying to make my resume look good at http://gregmunno.com/resume. Every time a try to indent or bullet something, it spaces it out so much from the type above (which it relates to directly) that it becomes disjointed. Is there any way around that? Thanks!

    The blog I need help with is audiencebuilder.wordpress.com.


    The editor has for quite some time added in extra lines right above an ordered or unordered list. What I do is put all of them in and then switch over to the HTML tab and take out the extra lines above the list.


    I just looked at the source code for your resume, and one thing it appears as if you are putting in
    <br />
    when you should be using
    <br />
    (note the space after the “r” and before the “/”. The old br tag is not XHTML compliant and WP blogs are XHTML.

    Take a look at http://flippintestblog.wordpress.com/2010/12/11/unordered-list-testing/ . The top example is the XHTML/HTML standard spacing for paragraph and ordered or unordered lists.

    The second I modified the top spacing by adding a negative top margin to the unordered list code as follows.

    <ul style="margin-top:-10px;">
    	<li>This is one</li>
    	<li>This is two</li>
    	<li>This is three</li>

    Actually the first br example above should show without the space and the / but the forum software corrected it.

    And change the -10px to -15px (that is what is on my test blog right now).



    thanks! some really good tips there.


    You’re welcome.

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