Extreme noob: need some help/advice to help me start a forum. T/Y in advance

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    Hello and thanks very much to those that help me out.

    My name’s Al, and I’m finally getting around to starting my own website. The main reason for my doing so, is that I make videos and upload them to YouTube. Over the past approximate 6 months, I’ve managed to garner myself in excess of 500 subscribers.

    With a following that has exceeded expectation, I’d now love to start a forum to discuss the videos and related content with a public forum.

    Sadly, I’m somewhat computer illiterate. Hence the noob thread.

    Any one who is willing to assist me in setting up a forum, I really appreciate it.

    Thanks, and have a lovely day.


    The blog I need help with is orangeandblueglobe.com.


    It is not possible to set up a forum at:


    If http://orangeandblueglobe.com/ is hosted somewhere else, you’d have to ask that hosting company about your options.



    For the sake of not rambling on in the OP, I thought it best if I listed the things I want on my forum.

    Thanks again to any who chip in.

    I would personally like to be able to add Video to the home screen, as well as links to articles and pictures that correlate to those articles.

    I would like users to be able to:

    Embed YouTube videos.

    Add pictures to their posts.

    Have large avatars.

    I would like the following features for the forum.

    A “like/dislike” option much as YouTube has.

    Reputation points to help show who’s been posting well and the recognition they’ve got for it.

    For now, that’s basically it.

    Thanks to any and all who contribute to my getting started.




    @ notawoodpecker.

    Thanks for helping. I looked very thoroughly through adding something like Vanilla to my wordpress site, and all seemed perfectly well in that regard.

    Thank you.



    orangeandblueglobe.com is hosted at wordpress.com, by the way. WP was suggested by friends as the go to to start a forum.




    this is the link in which I sourced the idea.

    Thanks, notawoodpecker.

    epic name! lol


    orangeandblueglobe.com is hosted at wordpress.com

    Then you can’t do a forum.

    There are several sites on the web where you can create a forum for free and link to it.



    That’s not what I was told! Really? I post on a wordpress site all the time!

    Oh man, what have I done?



    I can’t do a forum plugin like Vanilla, either?


    See this page to explain the flavors of wordpress:




    thanks for your help. looks like we’ve really messed up here.



    now we’re having issues trying to get a refund for the bundle we purchased. Oh god. :(

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