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    I searched and only found one post about this and it wasn’t a wordpress hosted blog. I have extremely slow loading pages. I know how to optimize a self-hosted WP blog but have no clue as to how to do so with a WordPress hosted one. I’m guessing the answer will be to opt in to a paid wordpress hosting accnt. :P Or are there any free plugins that will work with free wordpress hosted blogs to say compress the database or something like that? Thanks for providing this support here.

    Doc Savage
    Oh just had a thought. Maybe it is just me that it is loading slowly for. Anyone can confirm? Thanks. :D

    The blog I need help with is indepreneur.wordpress.com.


    Your computer may be slow (I had the same problem lol) or you have too much slow loading pictures or media on your page. Hope this helps :)



    Thanks, I’m guessing it is probably all the pics and videos. Though I haven’t ever experienced such lag viewing other blogs with similar or even more multimedia content.

    My PC is pretty old but it has a 3.20 Ghz processor and 2 gigs of RAM and we pay for the premium Broadband service. My greatest disadvantage is the outdated integrated display adapter. I expect 3d Games to lag a lot but not web pages. :(

    Did you check it out to see if it lagged for you at all? I’m wondering if maybe it has something to do with the extra steps it has to go through because it is not self-hosted in it’s own domain. It’s like shared-hosting within shared hosting right?



    Oh sorry, forgot to provide the link. Its https://indepreneur.wordpress.com/


    @indepreneur – I just had a look at your blog and it’s loading fine for me, which is actually unusual as, although I have broadband, I’m out in the sticks and my ‘net connection is usually slow!

    Sometimes a lot of images and videos do slow down loading time.

    Have you tried clearing your cache? That sometimes helps.

    No, you can’t use plugins with WordPress.com.

    I’d think that if it’s been a problem for a while, then it’s probably something to do with your computer, but if it’s new maybe it’s WordPress being a bit glitchy. Wait a bit and see if someone else responds to your question, someone else might have some ideas.



    Use excerpts and/or limit the number of posts on front page
    Your blog’s load time will increase in accord with the number of posts you display on your main page. To reduce blog loading time use the “read more” tag in your posts and display only excerpts there, and/or reduce the number of posts on your front page.
    1. reduce the number of posts appearing on your front page here > Settings > Reading
    2. split content by using the more tag or other means of splitting content
    3. optimize and presize all images to fit into the blogging space and/or sidebar space in your theme prior to uploading them
    reduce the size of images, the number of media embeds, and the number of widgets running script in your sidebar



    Thanks for testing it Absurdoldbird. It is a relief to know not all visitors have been experiencing the same loadtimes I have.

    @timethief – Thank you so much for all those great tips! I didn’t realize what the more feature was for – but that makes sense now, lol.

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