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    I reported this to support before and they fixed it, but the next day the same problem. I am still waiting for them to fix it..

    My blog takes along time to load.. 9/10 it takes like 5-10 seconds to load the blog..

    Can you pleaes fix this issues, its not anything to do with what i have done,its the WordPress application or server. for god sake fix it. do some testing or somthing.. otherwise, i will need to move to another blog platform, which its going to be a pain, but i will have to soon.

    The blog I need help with is virtualizationandstorage.wordpress.com.



    How on earth can anyone help you when you have failed to post the complete and clickable URL for the blog in question starting with http://

    2. As Volunteers answering support questions do not have backend access to blogs and only Staff do, assuming the blog in question is a free hosted wordpress.COM blog, and that you are posting to the correct forum, what is it that you expect we Volunteers can do for you?


    wich browser do you have? I had the same problems, i use Firefox newest version and the problem was the Firefox add on addblock plus. Try to disable this add-on on you WordPress page and things should be quicker.
    Dietmar Krause, germany



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