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  1. Hello! Is it possible to install the tracker? Is it possible to install it in the footer, and how? I was trying to install it using Widget option but there is some problems - code does not installing right!

    The blog I need help with is

  2. The software here strips the code out of any JavaScript widgets for security reasons. Therefore we cannot use tracking codes that are JavaScript driven on blogs. provides stats > In addition we can use non-JavaScript visitor tracking widgets as well. None of them are difficult to install and all sites provide all the instructions required to set them up. Here are some that can be used:

    1. Visitor tracking on blogs
    2. Real time visitor tracking (non-JavaScript) for blogs
    3. getclicky real time stats for blogs
    4. Two free unique visitor counters for blogs
  3. Oh, thanks!
    Too bad, ExT is cool, I don't think others are so flexible and does have as big database as ExT does!

  4. Best wishes with your blog.

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