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F11-Fullscreen-issues with CSS

  1. Hi, I'm new here and using Neat!. For no apparent the css is inserted with the parameter media="screen" only. So whenever I hit F11 for Full-Screen-Mode in Opera (Windows), the css isn't used anymore and the site looks like shit :P . I guess it needs to be used for media="projection" also. Could you please fix that?

    thx alot


  2. Fullscreen mode in Firefox works fine. So it's just Opera.

  3. Yeah, I've always had trouble with fullscreen Opera. As there are far more sites using "screen" to specify the stylesheet than there are Opera users, I kind of think it's up to Opera to bow to reality and change their browser.

  4. ok, i browsed the opera-forum on this topic. the real problem is, that there's no css-definition for "projection"-style. Whether it is better to have Fullscreen-mode as "screen" or "projection" is no issue here, but having a layout which lacks specifications for projection is. So either you should use the screen-layout for projection as well (like the new Opera version does, as i've read), or provide a different css for projections.

    and please, no firefox-fanclub-comments on that topic ;)

  5. I wasn't trying to say Firefox is better. Just helping the developers know Firefox doesn't have this problem to narrow it down.

  6. Personally I think adding a 'print' css would be of more use to more people than adding a 'projection' one, but meh, that's just me.

  7. carlbanks: yes, i got that, that was just a preemptive strike to avoid browser-discussions ;)

    wank: yeah, i think so to, that's why i suggested to use the screen-css for projection as well. shouldn't be a problem changing media="screen" to media="screen, projection"...

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