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    Hi new to blogging and would like to add a like button to every post but don’t know how to, I looked on one site and it said to add on plugin but
    I don’t have that on my dash board?
    Please help!
    Ta x

    The blog I need help with is youoverdiditdoll.com.



    Hi. Have you tried typing simply “Facebook” in the search box for the support documents? :-)



    I can hardly call 4 months of blog posting “new to blogging”

    Dashboard | Settings | Sharing | Share Button | Button Styles: Official Buttons


    Thank you Airodyssey I think we have fixed it now.

    An you Mr Shimworld if you have nothing useful to say say nothing!




    Huh? If I wasn’t being helpful I would not have put up with the time it took to go through the steps in our miserably slow internet to offer a possible suggestion. I wasn’t being sarcastic but I did make an effort to check out your blog and stated what I considered a fact.

    Good to know you’ve found a fix.

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