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  1. How do I add my facebook profile to my wordpress blog?

  2. Might want to check out this thread where it was already discussed:

  3. I checked all around facebook, theres no code there, if there was I would know what to do

  4. I am no facebook expert so I can't be of much more help from their end. But basically you need to make a text widget on your sidebar and make it link to your profile page on facebook. See this FAQ page on how to create a text widget if all you want is a text link to that profile:

    The other user stated that there was a "Create a Profile Badge" under her photo. If you can still do that then you can add that badge to your sidebar and make it link to the profile:

  5. I see code in the very first post.

    Might help us help you if you told us very specifically what you were trying to add in. (ie post the code inbetween backticks.)

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