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  1. I want to connect my blog to my facebook account and what I am finding on wordpress isn't working.
    Blog url:

  2. You can connect your blog to Facebook in many ways,
    You can connect your blog to FB profile/page letting WordPress app auto publish your posts to FB.

    You can add your FB fan page (not a profile) on your blog.
    You can create an FB page aout your blog for this purpose.

    This link may also be useful >

  3. Hello, I setup the 2 options the autophublish one from the Settings and the widget for the like button and I still have an issue.
    I know how to differenciate a FB page from a FP profile or a group and I am using a FB page (

    The widget (like button) is displayed alright but when clicking LIKE it doesn't work (a link CONFIRM replaces the LIKE button and then a pop up appears where FB says the page doesn t exist).

    I double checked and the page on FB is published and public (no restriction from the FB page admin), I cleared my browser cache and tested from IE 9 / Chrome / FF with 3 different Facebook accounts that never liked the page before (no issue from too much testing of LIKE / UNLIKE over a small period of time)

    I even removed the widget (deleted) and recreated it, I also tried using the HTTPS or the HTTP link to the facebook page.
    The page can be found on Facebook easily and can be liked without a problem. Does anyone has an idea what is the issue?

    Thanks for your help.

  4. Please post the link to your blog starting with http://

  5. Hello,

    Thanks for the quick feedback. I did post using the HTTP url and it doesn't seem to work either. I juste updated my blog accordingly.


  6. I said tell me the URL of your blog.

  7. It seems you put the URL of your page while using the "Facebook as Page".
    Login to Facebook account. Go to your fan page. Make sure you're using Facebook as profile i-e the right top icon refers to your profile. Now copy your FB page URL and paste it into the FB like widget.
    Tell me if this works.


    Thanks a lot ! How did you figure that out? Because the url doesn't change ?
    Anyway you were such a big help today, thank you so much/

  9. A Facebook expert here :p
    You're welcome :)

  10. Good day hnsaifi :)

  11. Hello. i'm a brand new blogger here. with a lot of questions. Could you help me with the publicize option here on wordpress.? i connected my blog with my FB profile. then added a new a post to my blog. but nothing happened. Nothing popped up on my newsfeed on FB. you said that the wordpress app auto publishes your posts on FB. then why didn't anything happen on my newsfeed?

    another question. when i connect my blog with FB, will my FB pictures, username and any other private info on FB remain private? or will they be open for the public to see through my blog(which is public)??? i wish to remain anonymous on my blog.

    Please help me. Thank you :)

  12. @loveforfood76
    1. Reconnect your blog to FB.
    2. Your blog visitors will never know of your FB profile.

    Good day :)

  13. Oh thank you sooo soo much!!! :) i'm sorry to pester you with so many questions. :(

    but what does the publicize option actually do?? where does wordpress publish my posts?? on my FB friends' newsfeed? my newsfeed? where?

  14. If you've selected the privacy "Public" while authorizing with WordPress app then anyone can see the posts orally (from a story) and your friends see the posts in their news feed directly or orally . And the posts remain on your timeline.

  15. Thanks a lot for the info!!!! :-) good day to you!

  16. You're welcome and good day. :)

  17. When I try to set up publicize to a facebook page that I have in my facebook profile instead of show me the options to choose my wall or my Facebook page it is just giving me the option to publish in my wall.

    How can I resolve this?

  18. 1. Have you a Facebook Fan page? not just profile.
    2. Are you following these steps? >
    3. Clear your caches and try again.
    4. If this not works, go to Facebook apps > Remove WordPress app and try again the publicize.

  19. You can like my new page to get help about Facebook-WordPress issues. :)

  20. Hi, I can't get the FaceBook widget to work on my blog, it keeps shortening the URL, I've tried using the profile URL and the home URL and neither work.



  21. Facebook like box is for Facebook fan pages only. Not for profiles.
    If you have a fan page then paste the url of that page to FB like box.
    If you don't have a FB page, you can use a Profile badge on your blog,

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