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    I love the idea of being able to link our blogs to Facebook – but I would like to link it to the Facebook Group that I already have set up for my blog rather than my personal account. Does any one know if that is possible?

    The blog I need help with is gardeninganddogs.wordpress.com.



    would like to link it to the Facebook Group

    You can post either an image that links to your group in an image widget or a text link or linked image and place it in a text widget and display it in your sidebar.


    Thanks timethief – this is better than the text link I already have.

    What I was actually thinking of though was the new functionality to Publicize via Facebook – is this possible to my group rather than my personal account?



    I set it up to post to my fb. account, but it hasn’t worked. Wondering if anyone has set it up and it has worked?



    I deleted my Facebook account ages ago. All the information about Publicize is found here. > http://en.support.wordpress.com/publicize/



    my publicizing to twitter works fine while to facebook it doesnt. what actually happened was when I noticed my post was not on facebook, I editted my post and saw facebook was not ticked (only twitter was)

    I ticked facebook and updated post but again what I get to see was twitter was ticked and facebook wasnt.

    could it be some sort of bug?



    If I connect w/ facebook, how much of a given post actually appears???

    More than just a notification that I’ve written a new post? How does this affect blog stats? I mean, if someone can just read it on FB, and they don’t go to the blog to read it, have I lost a “view”?



    As Facebook was only added to Publicize yesterday I think you ought to consider sharing your experiences with Staff. http://en.support.wordpress.com/contact/



    We Volunteers answering forum questions do not have any information in addition to what you find in the support documentation here. > http://en.support.wordpress.com/publicize/

    If your questions are not answered in that entry, then you will have to pose then to Staff http://en.support.wordpress.com/contact/


    Just to make sure, did you approve all the proper Facebook authorizations when you set it up?



    yes, I personally approved all possible windows that came out though the process.



    I have also have the same problem as qaan. I also approved all thru out the process.


    @stbride I just tested Facebook publicize on my WordPress.com blog, and only a snippet of my post appeared (52 words in my test).

    If a person just reads what is on facebook.com and does not click through, then a view will not be counted on the WordPress.com side.


    @qaan & @icare2be: I tested the Facebook publicize connection for my WordPress.com blog, and it is working properly. Can you guys try turning the connection off in your My Blogs page, log out of both sites, log back in an try re-authorizing?

    If that still doesn’t help, please contact support and try to give us as many details of the steps you tried so we can try to reproduce the problem.



    thanks! I’ll do it as soon as possible and report it here



    I did everything as suggested, logged out, re did everything and still no notice on fb. Did contact customer support and am waiting to hear back. For some it seems to work and for others nothing.
    Thanks everyone for the suggestions.



    ok so here it is:

    sent a test post. without altering the text in the publicize box (i did so before). didn’t work. i received a warning box that read something like you have to connect your facebook account with wordpress (although i did it before).

    i browsed to “my blogs”. removed the tick on facebook and ticked it back immediately. again the same window opened to approve connection. no other windows, only one.

    did another test posting and it did work this time. whatever it was, it’s not there anymore… :) thanks designsimply!!



    @designsimply. Thank you for the suggestion. I tried it and the post has come through. I will try another a little later . Your suggestion worked for me.


    Aha, it also looks like some of you may have hit a bug that should be fixed now. If anyone is still having trouble with Facebook Publicize, you should just need to re-authenticate again. Details here:



    Any Idea on how to get an image in the facebook feed? Image would grab readers better than text on the live feed.

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