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    Now I can’t disconnect my Twitter or Facebook account from Publicize without getting the “Hola Mundo” page. Any updates on what is the problem? It seems like it’s an issue to do with the “Publicize” feature.



    Hi everyone,

    Thanks for your patience. It looks like the theme Newsworthy is causing this issue with Publicize. We are trying to pinpoint the reason for this to be happening.

    In the meantime, you’re welcome to temporarily change themes, add/modify your Publicize connections, and then change your theme back to Newsworthy. As far as we can tell, that should work out for you.

    If that doesn’t work for you or new issues pop up, please let us know.



    Thank you! Please keep us updated.


    I was having the same problem with the Fanwood light theme.

    I switch back to the Untitled theme and was able to connect FB and Twitter. From that point I was able to reset my theme Fanwood and while I was on the customizations screen I went to the connect option and selected my FB and Twitter accounts.

    They connected with the Fanwood theme with no problems this time around. I was able to post a new message and it showed up on my FB page so I know it works.



    I still had the problem with another theme, but for now I’ve switched to one without publicize. Thanks though!



    Thank you jackiedana.
    It worked perfectly.
    Switching to another theme and then adding the account worked. I also returned to the Newsworthy theme and was able to use the publicize feature with my recently added FB account.

    Hope it works for everyone.

    Thanks again!



    Hi everyone,

    It looks like the issue has been resolved for Newsworthy, and the theme should now allow you to use your Publicize connection properly without switching.

    @tyhooper8, could you let me know which theme you were having this issue with, and if it’s resolved now?


    I came across this since I´m having a similar problem.
    The difference is, when I try to connect publicize to my fanpage, (I´m admin and owner on facebook and fanpage settings, checked that first)
    When the box to choose the pages to connect, the only thing appearing is my personal facebook wall, no pages at all, and I have 3…


    Just tried connecting to Twitter and it worked fine.
    As for previous problem, I´d like to add I tried everything in the book, removing worldpress app from facebook, deleting connection from WP page, and doing it all over again, and with no success.



    Hi tiagofreitas1976

    Are you talking about the site at besthealthpersonalcare.net? If so, we can only provide support in these forums for sites hosted on WordPress.com, and that is a self-hosted site using the software available at WordPress.org.

    If you are using Jetpack’s Publicize feature, you may wish to first refer to the support documentation here:

    and if that doesn’t resolve your issue, you can contact Jetpack support using the form below:


    Hello jackiedana

    Actually, I was talking about anxietyinteenagers.net, but it´s too self hosted…
    I´m trying to use jetpack, and now trying the official facebook plugin, for witch I have to create a app and that´s even more confusing.

    Thank you for your reply, I will try to get help then on jetpack support documentation.

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