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facebook and blog pinging each other back and forth

  1. My blog had quit pinging my facebook page. I thought that I fixed this, but now when I post a blog, it copies (pings) to facebook, and facebook pings back to blog and blog pings back to facebook. I have no idea how to fix this! I want blogs pinged to my facebook page and posts to my facebook page pinged to my blog, depending on which one I originally posted to.

    The blog I need help with is

  2. 1. Try flushing your FB cache but disconnect from FB first

    2. (a) Try the full reconnect procedure again detailed at including step 3 (removing the FB app), which is probably the most important step.

    3. See also publicize troubleshooting

    Note: RSS Grafitti can be used for posting to Facebook walls if you prefer. RSS Graffiti periodically checks the RSS/Atom feeds that you specify and posts any new entries it finds to the Facebook Walls that you specify. You can get any feed written on any wall (Facebook Profiles, Fan Pages, Groups, Events and Application Profile Pages). In fact, multiple feeds to multiple walls. You choose the combination.

    Please note that reconnecting Publicize with Facebook and/or with Twitter does not re-publicize missed posts, but it will work for future posts.

  3. I have no idea how to do any of the flush cache steps or where to even start. The instructions seem to assume that one knows what it is talking about. WordPress seems to be connected correctly to FB and did post as I want via Publicize. The issue is that when wordpress posted to my facebook page, then facebook posted back to wordpress, then wordpress posted back to facebook. I removed and reconnected my link from wordpress to facebook (via publisize) a few days ago because the wordpress to facebook had quit working. One other possibility is that I also use Hootsuite, and I'm thinking that maybe it also cross posts?? It's been so long since I set Hootsuite up that I can't remember, and I find it very confusing. I guess what I have no clue about is how FB knows to cross post back to my wordpress blog. I see nothing in FB settings that says to do this. Sorry that I'm so clueless. I'm pretty tech savy, but not with this.

  4. I have no idea how to do any of the flush cache steps or where to even start.

    Instructions here >

    One other possibility is that I also use Hootsuite, and I'm thinking that maybe it also cross posts?

    That sounds plausible to me.

  5. Just follow the steps one at a time. The thing about computers is, as long as the instructions are correct and clear, you don't have to actually understand them to follow them.

  6. Those instructions on clearing the cache are what I'm referring to that I don't know where to start. I understand them, I was a mainframe programmer for many years, EXCEPT that the instructions do not tell me WHERE the metags and url that I'm supposed to modify are located or how to even find them to modify them. Are they in wordpress? Ok, then where in WordPress? Are they in facebook? Ok, then where? Is there some file somewhere that I need to find to modify while in FB or WP? Is there a file somewhere on my hard drive associated with this? Is this something in Publicise that I need to modify? Or, do I need to switch to HTML view on my WordPress post and modify the code for each new entry before posting? I'm not copying a URL (as the instructions on clearing the cache seem to imply). WordPress is posting automatically to my FB page.

  7. Hi leehudman, I took a look at our records, and I see that your latest post ("What Exactly IS a Reverse Mortgage?") was actually published five times on your blog. Each time the post was published, it was publicized to Facebook and you received a pingback for the new post. It looks like the real issue was that the post was published multiple times, rather than a problem with the Facebook connection.

    Can you let me know what steps you took to publish this post? I can look into what may have caused the post to be published multiple times. Also, if you publish a new post, does the same thing happen? That information will help me investigate the issue.

  8. Hmm. That is interesting. After I posted, I made some minor corrections to the words and categories. I went to posts, and clicked edit on the post that I had just made, then when I was finished I clicked update. I've done this same exact thing on other posts, and I've never had it post multiple times. I have noticed that since the quickpress section was added, that it is (to me) more difficult to make posts due to limitations on what can be put in (no links for instance). So I always have to save as a draft, then edit the draft, then post.

  9. Making edits to your post and using the update button shouldn't have caused this issue, but it's good to know in case there is a glitch involving that sequence of steps. However, I still haven't been able to reproduce the issue, so it's a little hard to pinpoint what may have caused this. Can you check to see if this same issue happens again the next time you publish a post?

    Also, if you need to write a post using the full post editor, you don't have to start it with QuickPress. You can go to Posts > Add New in your dashboard to start a new post with the dashboard editor. I hope this helps!

  10. I just made a new post, and the multiple ping backs is happening again. I did not do any editing after the article was posted on wordpress.

  11. Thanks for the report. I'll tag this thread for Staff assistance. Please subscribe to the thread so you are notified when they respond and please be patient while waiting.

  12. FB and WordPress seem to be reposting to each other the same blog article every 15 minutes. At some point I assume that my accounts will be flagged as spamming . If I delete the extra posts to make it stop (which is what I did last time), is this going to make it difficult for staff assistance to pinpoint the cause? The are also being tweeted as well.

  13. HI leehudman,

    It looks like you posted the same post (Is Houston’s Booming Real Estate Market a “Bubble” that could burst?) eight times. Some are from four hours ago, some from three, and some from two.

    As Rachel asked, could you describe the process you are following to make a new post? Are you logging into on a computer or a mobile device? If a mobile device, are you using the WordPress App? If you're posting from a computer, are you using the QuickPress posting option from your admin bar or the home page, or are you writing a post in the Dashboard?

    If you could walk us through your process, that could help us figure out what is causing the multiple blog posting.

  14. I am on a laptop.
    I go to and log onto my account
    I click my photo icon and select my blog.
    I click on posts, then add new (I don't like the quick post because it doesn't allow links, which I use a lot).
    I typed in the title and the article.
    I select category and tags.
    Publicize is on (by default) to post to facebook:houston and the inner loop real estate by Lee Hudman, twitter:@leehudman, linkedin:lee Hudman .
    i click on "publish"
    This time I did not go back and do any editing after publishing just to make sure that was not causing the issue.
    Wordpress copied the article to Facebook, then every fifteen minutes that article got pinged again and again. In wordpress, the pings are coming up under "comments" as well.
    I deleted the duplicate posts from facebook, twitter and wordpress manually, this stopped the auto pinging. I've not deleted the posts from Linkedin (I just realized this when typing this), but I will shortly.

  15. ps... I ALSO posted a comment on my facebook page that this issue was occuring and the comment duplicated as well on wordpress and twitter.

  16. Hi there,

    I checked your Publicize settings again, and it looks like everything is ok on this end. If you'd like, though, I can manually delete your Publicize connections and you can set them up again to see if that fixes the issue.

    However, since you are also using Hootsuite, it's possible that is causing this problem. You may want to log in to your Hootsuite account and check the settings for and your other social media sites. Because you are using Publicize to send your blog posts to Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter, you don't need to use Hootsuite do this.

    If you have any questions about this, please let me know!

  17. If you'd like, you can also disconnect and reconnect each of your Publicize connections yourself by following the instructions on this page:

  18. I'm going to do some experimenting to see if I can find what is causing this. BTW, I looked back at previous posts and saw that the posts on July 18 and before did not have the issue. The next post was on July 23, and that's when the issue started. I have found nothing in Hootsuite that refers to automated crossposting. It does post to multiple accounts types (FB,twitter,WP,etc) at once, but that has to be setup manually. I going to turn off everything though, just in case as part of my testing. I have found nothing in FB that discusses automated cross posting at all. I am going to remove all of the connections in WP as well as part of my testing. I will let you know when I figure out the culprit.

  19. I figured it out. The culprit is IFTTT. I added "when a new post is published on Facbook, copy it to WordPress". I had done this because it's faster to post simple links to interesting stuff on my facebook page than it is to post to wordpress, and I wanted the same posts on both. So, when I posted on either one, the IFTTT and Ping were both being activated which caused the back and forth cycling of posts. I guess that the only way to stop this is to always post to WP and let wordpress do the reposts automatically. I deleted the IFTTT command.

  20. I'm so glad you found the culprit! Thanks for letting us know. :)

  21. And I thought that I was being smart by adding the IFTTT command... I guess not. :)

    Thanks for all of your help as well.

  22. I'm wanting to know how to get pingbacks and trackbacks from sites that don't use WordPress. I notice WordPress causes it to automatically happen... but not with Other blogging systems...

  23. That's not correct. Unless it's a site that's been classified by Akismet as spam, the pingbacks will show up.

    PS please start a new thread for unrelated issues in future.

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