Facebook and privacy?

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    If I connect my wordpress account to facebook, will my last name be revealed on my blog?

    The blog I need help with is okayestmom.wordpress.com.



    Not directly, no, but if you are concerned about privacy ie FB data leaking to your blog, don’t connect them and don’t post links to your blog on FB, because your friends won’t know you care and will come to your blog and one will no doubt comment something like “Hey Sue Smith it was great to find your blog. So fun meeting each wednesday at 7pm at the Greek restaurant with our families in the big green SUVs” or whatever.

    They WILL do this. You cannot successfully leverage a pseudonymous blog on a non-pseudonymous account without giving up some of the protections of pseudonymity.



    And your picture is all over the blog so there is a chance your friends could stumble across the blog and pass it on anyway

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