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Facebook Connect

  1. Hey, everyone now is using Facebook and it is now integrated with many websites. Shouldn't we all bring it to Let users post comments and do many thing using their Facebook credentials. It will open up to many other opportunities. Moreover, since we could integrate openID, why not Facebook? is doing a great job with Twitter, now make it better!

  2. I totally agree with you Junje.
    Websites such as WordPress.comthat miss out on this great piece of functionality will get left behind as users will move to sites that utilise FBConnect.
    I am very surprised that it isn't in place already!!!

  3. Totally agree. How about it, WordPress?

  4. I agree, FB connect... as well as google login credentials.

  5. Google logins? Are proprietary to Google, which owns Blogger, which is why they work there. I very much doubt Google will let its biggest rival use its credentials.

  6. A great idea. When you will have FB Connect for WordPress?

  7. wholesomelives

    Diddo, Amen, I agree. It would be great if my blog could post to facebook as well.

  8. I am agree too, more if you are new here and you want to promote your blog ! as me, lol, I will take my time visit each blog so I can leave my comments :)

  9. hellowordsalad

    agree too. I love Facebook and WordPress.

  10. dawniegirl1969

    Couldnt agree more

  11. This is matter very attractive, of course..

  12. With all the flash apps in FB, linking to wordpress is problably pretty unlikely.

  13. I want to know how to disconnect Facebook from my blog...

  14. Yes, Please...

  15. Yes, supporting Facebook to

  16. agree too!

  17. Agree, FB notes rss import isn't doing it for me ...

  18. Hook up Facebook to WP? Deal me in!

  19. Chiming in – I'm also hoping that you'll make a FB Connect widget for blogs soon!

  20. Man I hate to sound stupid but Facebook provides HTML code for some kind of "Badge" thing. I'm not sure how this differs from what is being requested here. ???

  21. I believe he wants to be able for people to login in to comment with their FB ID. Kind of like openID. I don't particularly care if its added.

  22. I never added the badge thing because, while I may want my family and friends on facebook to come to visit my blog (which is taken care of on that end), I'm not so sure I want to invite random people who stumble upon my blog into my facebook realm.

  23. I don't think it's meant to have people add or not to your friend thingy on FB. The badge is another thing but I believe they're talking about something different, especially since you can add the badge already to your blog. I like to keep friends and family out of my FB & blogging realm, I only have a select few online friends for FB since I'm not on there a lot anyways.

  24. If facebook would use Open ID (open source) then it might have a chance. They however, are currently using their own proprietary client to connect and it is more difficult. I am a little torn personally on this functionality without using Open ID which already has.


  25. I'm all for it especially if it can helps our blogs become popular.

  26. I I!!!

  27. Facebook provides a script when you click "Add a fanspace to your website" (roughly translated from french) from an artist page, or product page, etc. Wouldn't it be possible to WordPress programmers to include this script in a widget? This would easily secure the whole process of getting this nice plugin on our blogs.


  28. Yes... A great idea

  29. That last suggestion, from krapo, is easily done using a text widget and a link to your Fan page.

  30. They both rock ;-) any chances I could share my articles as well as my online retail stores, here..
    thanx guys.. hugs to all.

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