Facebook connection works, but can’t “Share” on Facebook?

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    I followed the instructions.

    It works. BUT, the resulting post on Facebook only offers:
    Comment . Like . Read original post.
    The last item is completely redundant because there’s a link to the original post right above it.

    People who want to SHARE my link on their page can’t. (So I can’t get the pass-through referrals and additional blog traffic)

    If I manually post my blog update, and put a link on there to the original post, I not only get an image (which I think should happen with the WordPress hook) but the bottom links say: Comment . Like . Share

    How do I get the WordPress hook to automatically update Facebook with “Share” at the end (and a photo)?

    The blog I need help with is ieba.wordpress.com.



    Talk to Facebook? They’re constantly changing things, as you can see from a forum search, and things that worked last week don’t work this week.

    If Share is not enabled on your Facebook posts, it’s probably because you’ve disabled it on your privacy settings. It’s certainly there on mine; mind you, I’m importing my blog links via Getsociallive.com and Networked Blogs, not the Publicize feature.



    Intriguing. Will have to investigate the options this week.
    Do those also give you an image?



    Yes, although it varies. Two weeks ago the Getsociallive did not give an image: now it gives an image and the image Description, rather than post content. Networked Blogs seems always to work, no matter what.



    I’ve really started to make use of GetSocial. It’s very cool to have all those links in one bar and easy to make.

    I’m going to mark this resolved, because the discussion is continuing on the “share” portion in another thread:


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