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    Hello everyone,

    Facebook announced a new embed function this week:


    This is great news indeed. I tried it right away, but it doesn’t work so far like the Tweet embeds.

    Anyone having any luck?

    Thanks in advance for any feedback.

    The blog I need help with is jimmorrisonsparis.com.



    That’s a JavaScript embed and it’s not supported here at WordPress.com. The software strips the code out for security reasons.


    @timethief is there a solution, that make it possible?
    Dieter @FOP


    hey folks,

    I just tried the new Facebook Embed feature here at WordPress.com and had no luck.

    It doesn’t show up, its just a hyperlinked line of code…

    any suggestions?
    am I the only one experiencing this problem?



    Read the thread.

    Everyone is experiencing the impossibility of doing this, because it is not possible at wordpress.com, nor is it likely to be made possible. Javascript embeds are fundamentally insecure and on a shared blogging platform like this are unlikely to ever be approved.


    Clearly we are talking about two different things. I am referring to this announcement/new feature here…


    While I haven’t been able to get it to work properly, I doubt they would add an “impossible” feature to the platform. The You Tube and Twitter embeds work perfectly, so I’m sure that this works as well.

    I’ll keep hunting for a solution. I’m sure its just a matter of talking to the right person.



    agree, tried too per WP post you refer to, and doesn’t work. But I’m hopeful it will be functional soon as the tweet/soundcloud/youtube embeds work great.



    It IS impossible unless the post that you wish to embed is viewable to the Public, rather than just your friends list.



    Just embedding a public post from a page would be great, for me, that’s what I’m interested in



    It literally depends who posted it, and their settings. My settings are such that my posts are only visible to my friends; nobody would be able to embed my remarks, comments, or posts in their site. So if you’re having trouble embedding a post or comment, give us the direct link and we can check out its visibility.



    I agree with you, but you’re talking about personal FB pages.

    I’m referring to pages, a news site, or company, for example, where all the posts are public, pages that you like, not pages that you have to friend. That’s what I would like to embed.
    Here’s a link from the FB CNN page that I just copied:

    Who knows, maybe it works, and I’m just missing something.



    Then are you putting it in the Visual or Text editor? I’ve noticed that with some themes the Twitter embed doesn’t work unless you go to the Text editor and make sure, for instance, that it’s not contained within a block quote, etc.



    Good question. I use the text editor. I’ll try without the block quote. Thanks for the suggestion.



    You’re welcome. The block quote thing is a sneaky little failure that I just noticed a few days ago with the Twitter embeds.


    hey there sbourdin and raincoaster,

    like sbourdin I am really only interested in public pages. I will try it without the block quote. Thanks for the tip!


    The no block quotes works! but only for Facebook…

    Google+ stuff is still wonky (again, public pages; not people)

    I’ll keep bashing at my PC with this sledgehammer and see if that works! :D


    Yeah- I connected with Google+ but nothing shows up/publishes to it.


    Regarding the new Facebook embeds- I cannot get it to work either.

    There are no blockquotes and I see just the hyperlink as Dexter mentions



    Please help me with nigeriacentenaryblog.com, i have a facebook fan page, http://www.facebook.com/nigeriacentenary100 every post there is public.



    Tried lots of options (shortcode, no blockquote et al.), still can’t get it to work either.
    Could the problem be theme-based?

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