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  1. There have passed weeks and my question is still unresolved. I'm still having the problem. Have anyone some suggestion?

  2. This is an issue that only Staff can respond to.

  3. Thanks. I at least came to know something after waiting for a month.

  4. I'm not seeing any option to mark the question private or public there. WTF.

  5. Have you considered using email to reach Staff?

  6. I'm sorry but I didn't get what you're talking about. I just clicked the link and I didn't see any option to mark that one private (get answer via e mail only) or open (to have it on staff question forum). I don't wanna get the answer via mail. Is this a normal thing?

  7. What's normal is filing a support ticket and getting an email answer from Staff. Sometimes the option for creating a private support ticket is presented and can be selected and sometimes not. What's abnormal is posting to this forum and flagging your own thread for Staff attention.

  8. To me it was the best solution but I've removed the tag now. Any way thanks for your help TT.

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