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  1. In reference to displaying my Fan Page on my blogsite, what does 'correct href was not passed in' mean? Whatever I do it won't display my Fan Page on my blog page. Gone into Widgets and I have done everything I'm supposed to (I think) but no luck!
    Blog url:

  2. It seems the url you provided for the Facebook pageis wrong. Make sure you pasted in the facebook page widget.
    You can also add a facebook page badge on your blog in text widget.
    See this Facebook badges.

  3. ~~ hnsaifi
    Good day to you :)

  4. Thanks! Same to you. Sorry for the late reply due to some technical issues. :(

  5. I went to my Facebook page and checked. The url is as follows: I have entered this exact url into the widget but it still won't display. Can you tell if this url address is erroneous in some way because it works just fine everywhere else - ie other sites?

  6. Just re-read your reply, hnsaifii. What is the second url beneath the Facebook one? Must I also use that one or just that one??? Sorry if I sound clueless, but when things don't work as expected I pretty much am :)

  7. I just pasted the url in FB ike box widget on my test blog and it works fine for me. Please double check that you're pasting it in the url box ofFacebook page widget.
    If this doesn't work then go to where it says "Where to add this badge" Click "others", copy the code and paste it into the Text widget.

  8. Okay, okay, soooo after all that frustration what I discovered when I scrutinised the url address with a magnifying glass (and it was in the right place - there I wasn't that dim!) was that it was missing a forward slash - one instead of two!!!! I decided to take a closer look one last time, 'cause I was sure I wasn't going mad, and lo and behold!! I won't make that mistake again!

    Thanks so much for you undying patience! Your help is greatly appreciated!

  9. Yay! It finally get sorted. You're Welcome :).

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