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Facebook flagging as possible spam

  1. I have been posting short links to my blog entries on my Facebook page - no problem until today. I now have the Facebook captcha to pass and when I go to the site from the Facebook posting link, I'm greeting with the potential spam warning. I haven't posted this yet for friends or public, because I don't want them to be greeted with this needless caution. My WordPress site contains nothing of a spam nature. It is about faith and inspiration. What do I do?

    The blog I need help with is

  2. carolinamadruga

    The same is happening to me, stuswann. I've been publishing it on facebook for 54 days and, suddenly, they flag it as spam. And I have no idea how to post my blog entry on my facebook wall.

    How can we solve this?

  3. Don't know if this is the answer, but I deleted my original WordPress post then made a new one (having done a copy/paste of the original text). No changes made in content, at all. I inserted my original media file, too (a photo). Published the new post and copied the "shortlink" to my Facebook post. This time, no spam warning. I don't know why, but at least this worked for today.

  4. Hello there,
    Please post into the main thread where Staff have been alerted to the issue >

  5. So, I see others are having this issue. Staff have been alerted to the issue. Thank you.


  6. Have you posted into that thread for help?

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