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Facebook Followers

  1. What exactly are these? I tried logging out to see how I could follow my own blog via Facebook but the only option is with my email address, so I have no idea what this means! And the number of facebook followers I have is way too high compared to the number of email followers.

    The blog I need help with is

  2. I'm not SURE but THINK that FB followers means teh number of people who commented via FB login and are followign the comments automatically.

  3. That can't be it because barely like 4 different people have ever commented on my posts, and it says I have hundreds of fb followers?? Thank you, though.

  4. I have 333 Facebook Followers and an average of 2.something comments per post for which is in line with these numbers.

  5. I was just about to post the same question.

    I have just launched my blog and I have all these apparent twitter and facebook followers. Is this right. I would like to believe so.

    1 blog followers. 0 comment followers.
    111 Twitter followers. 68 Facebook followers.

    Just to say when i upload my posts i do publicize it via facebook and twitter.

    Any comments would be appreciated


  6. Frankly, as a social media professional, these numbers seem reasonable to me.

  7. Thanks raincoaster.

  8. You're welcome. Seems to me they're counting as Followers anyone who's rt'd you or Liked you, and that makes sense, that the numbers would be that much larger.

  9. Just two questions raincoaster.

    1. I am about to update my facebook account. At the moment I have a personal facebook ac which I am using for my business. I am just in the process of opening a company facebook account. So once that is done I will publicize future posts to the new facebook company account. Will this be detrimental to those whom are following me already. I assume that they wont get notification of my new posts. So what's the best way of dealing with it so I do not loose my existing followers.

    2. As you don't have friends on facebook business accounts just visitors that 'like' you. When i publicize a new post does the notification go to all the poeple whom have liked me?


  10. I would like to know the answer to this question, too.

    A few weeks ago, I created a Facebook page and suggested it to 260 of my friends. Before I invited my friends, my Email Subscription widget counter showed 9 followers. After I invited my friends, the widget still showed 9 followers, BUT the Site Stats said that I had 260 Facebook followers!

    Now, the Email Subscription widget counter says 269 followers. I'm not sure what is going on. How are the followers counted? I'm pretty sure not all the people I invited decided to 'Follow' my blog. Only about 30 of them 'Liked' it on Facebook.

  11. Another question I just thought of. Is there any way to find out who my Facebook followers are? I mean, I can see other WordPressblog followers and I can see a list of comment followers. Is there a way to see a list of Facebook followers?


  12. Is there a way to see a list of Facebook followers?

    Facebook users set up their Facebook privacy settings on their own Facebook accounts.

  13. Going back to biomike's two questions:

    1) Do not change the way Publicize works. Just put your blog posts on your page via an app like Networked Blogs or RSS graffiti that will do it automatically.

    2) No. Nor does it go to all your friends now. It is shown in their timelines according to algorithms that FB guards closely, but the best way to get your stuff to show up is to post it to FB manually. Autoposts via Publicize or other apps are downgraded and less likely to show up.

  14. biomike1's numbers might make sense, but mine do not.

    My numbers jumped from 9 to 269 in about one day and I did not get 260 visitors in that one day. Can someone 'Follow' a blog without actually visiting the blog?

  15. We are waiting to hear from staff on that one. There's another fellow who's had an increase of 220,000 Facebook Followers but only 16 views over that period.

  16. Let me explain!
    When you verify & connect to external sites like Facebook or Twitter to publicize your blog posts : People who have liked (your verified facebook page) or following you (on twitter) are regarded as followers your post updates and are added to your followers list. has divided followers in following categories:
    1. Followers: Having accounts.
    2. Email Subscribers: Not having accounts but subscribed via email form button
    3. Twitter Followers: Your Twitter Followers
    4. Facebook Followers: Facebook Fans of your page

  17. So it only works if you use Publicize and send it to your Page? Not your Profile? And not if you don't use Publicize?

  18. I have 30 Facebook Likes. I do not have a Twitter account (*gasp*!) So, it cannot be people who have liked my Facebook Page.

    I did invite about 260 people on Facebook to my Facebook Page, but only 30 of them clicked on the 'Like' button.

    It looks like the counter is counting the number of people I invited. The Email Subscription widget only very recently increased to 269 - it was showing just 9 previously. The Site Stats, however, did show my Facebook followers as 260.

  19. Thanks, that's useful.

  20. thanks

  21. I know who Facebook Followers are. I have 226 Facebook followers on my blog and I gained all of them in one day, I also have 226 friends on my facebook private profile, which is connected to the blog with WordPress Facebook application to share the new posts. Now the conclusion is up to you! :D

  22. If you publicize your blog on facebook via your account. It means you made your friends get notified of your newly published stuff. So wordpress counts them as followers (which it should not be). Make your real followers by publicizing via your page.

  23. Well, I have the same problem, and in a way the last two comments seems logical. But when I compared my fb followers in the statistics to my fb friends, the numbers didn't match. I have 407 fb friends, and in my statistics it says I have 403 fb followers and 2 blog followers (405 followers in total, when you look at my blog). So it can't be as simple as that .. If it was, I would have had 409 followers in total.

  24. i just got the same on my hip hop record label page. label is new , i have 178 like adds on the facebook page and 165 it is stating in stats as facebook followers. Ive also had about two visitors only as page is very new matter of days.
    Anyone works it out please post Bless

  25. @frokenfrank and tdsrecs
    Your facebook followers (or friends) are not updated automatically on wordpress. You'll have to renew your connection with FB to update the new ones. I was also wondering why WP don''t add them automatically. Doing it manually wastes too much time and we can not afford to do it everyday.

  26. @iphonist, cheers for that, makes sense now thanx

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