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Facebook Followers?

  1. Do "Facebook Followers" now show up as Followers of your Site? I got two messages from two of my Authors saying that our Site says we have 355 Followers? When in fact, I know we have 64 Followers. When I looked at the Dashboard, it says we have 291 Facebook Followers.

    First of all, I don't exactly know what that means... How do Facebook People follow a WordPress Blog?

    Secondly, is that number now showing up on the Front of our Blog Pages, mixed in with our Other Followers Number?

    Thanks for your help


    The blog I need help with is

  2. Hello there,
    We Volunteers cannot deal with stats issues. If the answer cannot be found here > or here Staff will be available on January 2nd and you can contact them then.

  3. Thanks Time


  4. You're welcome.

  5. They do it seems as it's started doing it on a few other blogs too, it also counts Twitter followers that are linked to the blog.

    I didn't even know TDG had a Facebook page!

    Try refreshing your page or clearing the cache and it should come up with the new number.

  6. I don't like that, just seems like a "Numbers Fluffer" to me... Another way for Facebook to get people to sign up, no thanks

    I only see how many people follow a Site when I'm not a Follower? When I follow a site, it doesn't tell me how many follow it, it just says I follow it... Is it different for you?

    I have to look at the dashboards to see how many people are following...

    And TDG doesn't have a Facebook Site, not sure why we have followers from Facebook


  7. Aye it does if you click the follow button widget, if you click the Follow button on your admin bar instead it tells you how many followers there are if the user has it set to say such info.

    Not sure what the deal is though if it isn't connected to a Facebook page, its why I don't connect mine to a Twitter or Facebook page as I'd rather have more of an accurate number of who follows.

  8. If you go to Edit Subscriptions and remove The Dark Globe from your list of people you subscribe to, then click Follow at the top of the page you'll be able to see how many people "Follow" TDG. Which is currently at 357 haha.

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