Facebook followers in WP blog stats – who are they?

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    I have a blog and a separate email list. I want to compare them. Is there anyway to see the FB followers emails?

    I’m not sure which FB page they are coming from. Does it have to be one linked to WP via Publicize?

    Or could some of them be from people reading a post then adding it to their own FB page, then their friends clicking it?

    Is there a way to know if they are still “following” – does FB followers stats go down if they unlike?

    The blog I need help with is savemissiontrails.org.



    Facebook followers are those with whom you’re connected via Publicize. They can be your friends too if you publicized to your profile.
    The number of followers goes down when someone unlike/unfriend you. But this is not counted instantly but the stats are refreshed after some time, maybe once a month.
    You can not see the email address of Facebook followers.



    Thanks. I think I need to read more about Publicize, but this answer helped.



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