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Facebook--how to feed blog to my Facebook Page, not my personal Facebook profile

  1. Hi. I am trying to set up my WordPress blog so that it publishes a summary of new posts into a Facebook page that I am an admin for. On Facebook, I have a personal page, and I am also an admin for a community service group's page, and I want the feeds to go to that community group's page, not my own personal page.

    When I set up the WordPress feed into Facebook, and I logged into Facebook, it required me to "be myself," and not the community page. Now the WordPress feed works beautifully in sending summaries to my personal Facebook page, but I don't want that. What do I do to get the blog summaries onto the community page instead? Thanks for any help.

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Yea. I'm at this impasse too.

    I have a blog:
    I want to connect it to the Facebook Wall for the car club, not my personal page.

    I looked through the Publicize info page:
    But it does not address the difference between an individual's Page, and the Wall of an organization.

    Back in July of 2010, WP staff said: "Before you ask, the #2 most requested feature is the ability to update Facebook Pages as well as Profiles, so it’s already on our list."

    So where is that connectivity?

  3. I want to connect it to the Facebook Wall for the car club, not my personal page.

    I know it's not currently possible to connect Publicize with a Page rather than Profile. Have you tried using any other method while Staff works on this? You'll have to either draw it in manually via RSS using an app such as Notes, Networked Blogs, etc, or you can post it manually. RSS Graffiti is also an app that can write from RSS feeds to the news stream (wall) of Facebook Groups.

  4. I just enabled RSS Grafitti. And added a test post to the blog. We'll see if it can remember the difference between me and the Club. :)

  5. It does!

  6. I thought so as others have told me they like using RSS Graffiti because it does this so well. I'm happy I had the answer that resolved your issue.

  7. Bookmarked!

  8. I've always used Networked Blogs. It has the added benefit of having its own community, like Flickr, and has become one of my major referrers.

  9. Apparently it's a recent addition as of a few months ago. You can see it in the RSS Graffiti blog.

  10. RSS Graffiti takes the pain out of keeping your Facebook friends and fans updated with the latest news from your other sites. Mainly RSS Graffiti was writen for Facebook Page administrators. The more pages you administer, the more you can appreciate it. The more RSS/Atom feeds you need to publish on your various Facebook Walls, the more you need it too. So if you are a blogger, a marketeer, a musician maybe, a twitter or youtube user, anybody that has more than one RSS/Atom feed and at least a Facebook Profile or better yet one or more Facebook Fan Pages, then RSS Graffiti is for you.

  11. I finally solved issue of syndication between RSS Graffiti and '' blogs.

    Just enter "" as 'feed url' of RSS Graffiti in Facebook.

  12. @timethief

    Thanks for the info about the RSS going into Notes on a pages, you just solved my problem! I imported from my blog straight into notes in one step! All this google-ing I've been doing has not been in vain lol

  13. @webmaster298
    That's good to know. Thanks for returning to this thread and sharing that information others can benefit form.

    You're welcome.

  14. Very helpful info, everyone. Thanks!

  15. You're welcome for me. :)

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