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Facebook Insight meta tag

  1. I hope this is the right forum for feature requests.

    Facebook is offering their Insights tool for webmasters who want to be able to keep track Facebook analytics (share stats, demographics etc) for their sites.

    A meta tag has to be added to the head element for authentication. WordPress offers similar meta tags for other webmaster tools under the Tools section, so it shouldn't be so hard to implement this for Facebook Insight.

    Magnificent admins of the great WordPress! Can this be implemented?

  2. You know I would suggest that in addition to posting here, you contact staff directly since there is no assurance they will actually drop by the forums and see this.

  3. Thanks for the tip. Where's the like-button when you need it? :)

    I sent aĆ° copy of this post via the form. Hoping to see a reply from them sooon.

  4. You are welcome. Hopefully they will reply shortly, either here or directly to you by email, or perhaps both.

  5. I ended up making a patch for the webmaster-tools-verification Plugin and I'm waiting for a reply from the author. After that, it should be pretty easy to add this to

  6. Subscribing since I would like to add it aswell. Facebook is after all one of my biggest trafic sources..

  7. @quift-I'd probably recommend dropping a note to Support as well since there's been no activity on this thread since the original post. Feel free to point them to this thread

  8. @justjennifer

    Thank, and done.

  9. any news?

  10. Nope, no human reply so far.

  11. I'm sure many would like to know how to do this.

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